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Connect GBS Security Policy

Connect GBS has adequate backup system, data security policy, and business continuity plans to ensure that the customer's data is safe and confidential as long as it is handled by us
We protect your data securely with fast file, folder, and email encryption. It can be used to encrypt any data including personal files, corporate information, confidential records as well as email attachments

Data/Network Security

  • Every employee has virtual desktop, hosted by third party administrator
  • Every employee has its unique username and password to access his/her workstation and accosting software.
  • Continuous monitoring of the web traffic and disciplinary actions are taken for any violations.
  • Access to the server is restricted based on the process the employees are assigned to and hosted by third party who supports 24/7.

Backup and Recovery Procedures

  • Provisions for regular backup of data saved in the system.
  • Storage of backup media at a location remote from the processing center.
  • Approved Disaster Recovery Plan written and implemented to cover situations in which hardware and or software cannot run in its normal environment
  • Once your information reaches us, our servers sit behind an electronic firewall and is not directly connected to the internet, so that your private information is available only to authorized computers

Physical Security

  • Access to work areas is controlled by proximity access card systems which is given to each employee with his photograph, contact details, etc. and every entry to and exit from work is duly recorded.
  • There is a single entry/exit point, which is monitored 24 X 7 by trained security professionals.
  • Latest Close Circuit TV (CCTV) installed in all rooms and important public areas like passages, conference rooms, open area, etc.
  • Fire security and alarm system consisting of smoke and heat detectors, sensors, and a complete control panel in the Guard Room. Fire-fighting equipments are also installed.
  • 24-hour Security Guard at the building.
  • Random audits are carried out to ensure security policies are followed. Non Compliance of the same leads to disciplinary action.


  • Every employee signs a Non- Disclosure Agreement at the time of recruitment and any breach of the same leads to termination of employment.
  • Restricted access to internet websites and the same is allowed only if it is a process requirement.
  • Continuous monitoring of the web traffic and disciplinary actions are taken for any violations.
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